kris harzinski

kris harzinski william haughery cool bro

kris harzinski william haughery sunburning dark dive

kris harzinski william haughery something about party

kris harzinski daily life storage fidget and other leftovers

kris harzinski daily life storage hustle portfolio

kris harzinski fidget


kris harzinski william haughery going stag

kris harzinski william haughery they mistake these fresh drops for tears

kris harzinski william haughery surrender

kris harzinski william haughery to party too

kris harzinski william haughery this innocence

kris harzinski william haughery on vacation

kris harzinski william haughery softsports

kris harzinski daily life storage source portfolio

kris harzinski for jose

kris harzinski please follow me

  1. still from Cool Bro, photograph, 2014.*
  2. Sunburning, knife, 2013. Dark Dive, fabric, pvc pipe, marble chips, vase, pvc board, box fan, Blue Magic, 2013.*
  3. Something About Party, video, 4:25, 2013.*
  4. Fidget and other Leftovers, photocopies, color photographs, video on CD, edition of 15, 5.5 x 8.5 inches folded, 2013.
  5. Hustle, photocopies, Risograph, digital prints, color photograph, writings, color pencil on paper, edition of 25, 5.5 x 8 inches folded, 2014; with contributions from Jordan Artim, Anthony Cudahy, Armando Lozano, and Tom de Pekin.
  6. Fidget, video, 6:32, 2013.
  7. Left: outtake from aftermath shoot with Chris, photograph, 2013; Right: Asking Eamon to stand, photograph, 2013.
  8. Going Stag, video, 1:00, 2013.*
  9. They Mistake These Fresh Drops for Tears Part II: Hairy Legs, video, 2:05, 2013.*
  10. Surrender, video, 3:13, 2012.*
  11. To Party Too, performance (Crisco, Nutella, running shorts, t-shirts, knife, pvc pipe, fabric, whiskey, beer), 2013.*
  12. This Innocence, fabric, enamel, pvc pipe, zip tie, leather, foam, tape, baseball bat, marble chips, vase, pvc board, box fan, Blue Magic, 2013.*
  13. On Vacation! color photographs in paper folio, edition of 30, 2013.*
  14. Softsports, t-shirts, urine, food dye, 2013.*
  15. Source Portfolio, color photographs, digital prints, photocopy transfer, athletic tape, edition of 13, 6.5 x 9 inches folded, 2013; with contributions from Jordan Artim, Ben McNutt, and Sofia Moreno.
  16. For Jose, video 3:57, DVD (edition of 2), 2012.
  17. Please Follow Me (for Vincent), video 3:42, DVD (edition of 2), 2012. Text adapted from: Jean Baudrillard, Please Follow Me, 1983 & Frank O'Hara, Poem (Pawing the mound with his hairy legs), 1954.
  • *created in collaboration with William Haughery